Spanish Plants is the trading name for the plant sale business of Entomic Limited. Through which our principal aim is to increase the presence of quality plants from Spain in the UK market place.

Entomic Limited was formed in 2004 with the overall goal of developing products and services into selected markets in both the UK and Spain. Entomic also supplies consultancy, biological controls, and coir. For more information please contact us or see the associated products page.

Pete Squires, born and based in the UK is our biologist and applied entomologist with many years experience working in international horticultural markets. He has contacts throughout the UK and Spain.

Nuria Gonzalez: born in Madrid is also a biologist and plant scientist. Her many contacts within the Spanish horticultural market are invaluable in sourcing the best quality plants

What you can expect from us;

Cooperation with nurseries from different regions within Spain. We have access to a huge range of plants from the varied climatic zones in the country.

Production site in Spain under development will enable us to more easily develop specific lines and source plants from smaller nurseries previously without access to the UK market.

Service and Support. We try to work closely with you from start to finish. We can select plants for you or if you prefer to come to Spain in order to mark your own plants we can accompany you. We aim to supervise the loading and dispatch of your order from Spain and then follow up till arrival in the UK.

Selected for Quality. All our nurseries are chosen for the way they work and especially their record on customer care and attention to detail. The plants are important too!

Communication. We are fluent in both English and Spanish. Customers can transmit their requirements effectively.

Competitive. Buy going as direct as possible from producer to you we give you the best prices without compromising quality.