If you are re potting a plant that dislikes root disturbance or are planting out especially into poor quality ground or a new planting area then consider using mycorrhiza to help give your plants  the best chance of survival and growth.

Mycorrhizas are naturally occurring soil borne fungi that form mutually beneficial associations with the roots of plants.  95% of plants form Mycorrhizal associations at some point in their life though some form them more easily than others and show more marked benefits. All plants see the following benefits from this partnership to a greater or lesser extent.

Improved root growth
Improved nutrient uptake
Improved water absorption and use
Improved resistance to disease, drought and other environmental stress
Improved establishment in poor planting substrates and soils

Mycorrhiza from Spanish Plants are available in a wide range of formulations from soluble to root dip gel and granular for use in a wide range of situations. 

Please contact us for more information or advice on specific products and which to use for your specific circumstances.

PDF – Mycorrhiza leaflet



Many of the plants we supply are grown in high quality coir substrate with slow release fertiliser. The best evidence for the quality of the coir used is seen in the quality of the plants we supply but we also like it because of the following;

Some of the more slow rooting plants such as palms establish better in coir than other substrates.
Our Coir rewets rapidly but does not become waterlogged which is important for Mediterranean plants that do not like soggy conditions.
Surface layers dry quickly to give an attractive appearance though water is retained lower down.
The coir is light which makes it a bit easier to move larger specimens.
Coir is a great sustainable alternative to peat and is nice to handle.

We can supply coir in different mixes to suit the purpose for which it is required, whether that be  potting on 12L palms or planting large specimen olives in the ground with a decorative coir chip finish.  Our Mycorrhiza products also work very well with coir based substrates.

We can supply coir in compressed blocks, 80L bags and 200L and larger bulk bales.  Please contact us for more information and to discuss your specific requirements.

The attached PDF gives technical information for our coir.

PDF – Coir technical sheets